Healing Head Trauma

Through practicing a blend of energy work, a cluster of medical conditions associated with the vestibular system has been observed to be affected positively by both craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. Among these medical conditions are vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, light-headedness, spinning, falling or fainting involuntarily (syncope).

These particular conditions are often the result of old and new trauma and changes of the cervical spine, or from the trauma of a head injury. Head injuries do not always cause neurological dysfunction, but most of the time they do leave changes to the membrane and the structure of the skull, face and neck. An injury will continue to expand in its compromise by regenerating scar tissue over time, creating more compression and pressure to the head and neck. This can be very painful and debilitating. Head injuries traumatize the entire nervous system.

The misalignment of the mandibular/sphenoid connection in the face structure is particularly significant to the ears and the body’s vestibular system, which controls balance, equilibrium and spatial differentiation.

The craniosacral method gently softens these compressed and misaligned regions of trauma, releasing the tensions between the bony structure of the body and layers of different tissue. The viscera of the body sits and moves closest to the spine, weaving itself between the organs and cavities of the body. Applying both methods frees up the deeper levels of constriction and pain within the various systems of the body, increasing function. Using these methods, tinnitus has been observed to decrease over time, some degrees of hearing are restored and equilibrium improves significantly.

One patient of craniosacral therapy, Mary Havens, had health issues resulting from an old dental bridge. “Dental bridges must be replaced every 10 to 15 years. In my case, the bridge remained for over 30 years,” explains Havens. “By the time I convinced a dentist to remove it, I had chronic pain in my jaw and my ear had sustained trauma. Having cranial work has made major strides with eliminating jaw pain and reducing pressure and noise levels in my left ear. At times, I have full hearing capacity. I look forward to full restoration through continued bodywork.”

A person’s curiosity, commitment and faith can go quite a long way in tapping into the body’s potential to heal.

Sylvia Boyed, MA, LMT, CST, is an energetic bodyworker who has worked in the bodywork field for 12 years. She treats all of the systems of the body for all ages, with specializations in joint reconstruction, head injuries, migraine headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, hyperactivity, learning disabilities and anxiety. Connect at 520-370-3689 or SylviaBoyed.com

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