Three Keys to Alzheimer’s Prevention

About 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. The first stage can go 10 to 20 years before being diagnosed, but there are some very early warning signs that are associated with developing the disease. The keys to prevention are a diet low in sugar, lots of movement and chiropractic care for a relaxed brain and body.

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol are all associated with an increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s. The average American gets three times the recommended amount of sugar. When we eat excess sugar, our insulin becomes worn out, which can affect glucose getting to the brain. Over time, this can contribute to the plaques and tangles (brain rot) associated with Alzheimer’s. Excess sugar is also converted to cholesterol in the liver, causing high cholesterol.

Another big factor is being in a state of constant survival mode. People who have had PTSD or early childhood trauma have their nervous systems in fight-or-flight mode most of the time. This state decreases oxygen flow to the brain, causing brain rot over time. The anxiety and poor sleep associated with being in survival mode also cause hypertension. People should have their brain and nerves assessed by a chiropractor trained in resetting the fight-or-flight response.

Lastly, most Americans are not moving enough. Research shows that daily exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 90 percent.

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