GE Computing Refurbish or Recycle Program

GE Computing is now introducing its “Refurbish or Recycle” program for those who have out-of-date computers that would like them to “Hit a Key to Continue”. Owner Don Gibbens would love to give clients a no-charge consultation to help them decide what to do with their older computers.

“Some computers may just need to be ‘relifed’,” says Gibbens. “They may qualify for a trade-in credit, or it may really be time to ‘hit any key to continue’.”

Here are the steps in the program:

• Relive. Save data, pictures, documents and licenses to be reused. These will be saved to be placed on another computer or on an external hard drive or USB drive.

• Reformat. Erase everything so no information is “out there”.  The computers end up with cleaned hard drives.

• Refurbish. “Relife” the computer for the owner or someone else. Computers newer than 2008 can usually be made “new”—just not quite as fast.

• Recycle. Those not “relifed” will go to a nonprofit that helps create training opportunities for people.

For more information or to schedule a complementary “Refurbish or Recycle” consultation, call 520-332-1485 or email See ad, page 20.

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