How’s Your Home’s Immune System?

There is a lot of information concerning how to improve our own immune systems, which defend our body against disease-causing microorganisms, but let’s also consider the condition of our home, which could be contributing to unhealthy living conditions.

We have all heard of mold, or toxins found in some manmade flooring including wood laminates and carpeting, but we have to look further into health issues with building materials during and after construction. Even if the most green and benign materials are employed for the construction, conditions of our indoor environment can be imperfect.

Some of the factors may be due to: vibration effects, poor acoustic characteristics, dysfunctional lighting, extremes of humidity, inadequate air exchange and toxicity mediated through the soil. Currently the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is performing investigations on the potential health hazard of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which can be found in roofing, siding, flooring, water and sewer pipes, to name a few.

As a home buyer, we have the right to investigate and inspect the condition of a home before exchanging keys. As a renter, be aware of what possibly could be a hazard before renting. With the hidden potential hazards, many are going back to the basics and building their own home with complete green building materials.

Sheri Smith is a Broker Associate at Smith Real Estate Solutions. Connect at 520-665-3042 or See ad, page 8.

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