Tucson Author and Health Coach Launches IndieGogo Campaign

Robyn Landis

Tucson author and health coach Robyn Landis has created an IndieGogo campaign to help create her third book, Nourished, allowing readers to participate in launching the project. For perks ranging from books to music to personal coaching, anyone can help a local author bypass traditional publishing and deliver a book that will “demystify and happify living well”. The campaign runs through October 17, at Tinyurl.com/NourishedCampaign.

“Can you imagine the difference it would make if you—and most people—felt clear, confident, happy, and at peace about what’s healthy and nourishing? If you not only felt smart and savvy about what to do—but wanted to do it and loved it? The physical and psychic energy that this would free up to live your life and give your gifts? And the health care and productivity costs it would save?” muses Landis, owner of BodyFueling. “This book ambitiously promises to crack the code on this—how to not only know what to do, but do it and love it. Information is not enough, and this approach fills the gap.”

Those who support will get a book (or other perks they can choose, including coaching) that will “uplevel” their own immediate self-care to energize their health, body and life.

For more information, call 520-314-0994, email RLandis@drizzle.com or visit RobynLandis.net or Tinyurl.com/NourishedCampaign. See ad, page 4.

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