Tucson Biological Dentistry

A New Name for a Local Favorite

Krizman Dental, Integrative Biological Dentistry, is now Tucson Biological Dentistry. They have also expanded their staff and facility to better serve patients, allowing them to reduce wait time for new and current patients. Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, D.M.D., M.P.H. is excited to embrace the new name, along with some other changes and improvements to the Tucson practice.

  Krizman has welcomed Dr. Julie Angellotti to the practice to perform general and integrative, biological dentistry. Angellotti has been practicing dentistry for 12 years, is SMART Certified (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique), and is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT).

They will also soon be joined by a second associate dentist, who will assist Krizman in providing biological treatment for children. “Our children’s practice will continue to de-emphasize IV sedation and provide biological dental treatment for children through natural, anti-anxiety techniques such as essential oils, homeopathics, NuCalm (designed to naturally relax the mind and body without drugs) and Touch Point’s ‘Buzzies’ (wearable wrist/leg bands that provide gentle vibrations to alter the body’s natural stress response and keep patients in a calm state),” explains Krizman.

The practice welcomes all children, including those with special needs, chemical sensitivities, high anxiety, ADHD/ADD and MTHFR. The office is completely free of topical fluoride and metal/mercury fillings.

In the near future, Tucson Biological Dentistry will be offering additional treatment modalities, including the HOCATT Ozone Steam Sauna for wellness. “In one 30-minute session, a patient can experience one or multiple modalities including a transdermal ozone steam sauna, carbonic acid transdermal treatment, far infrared sauna, frequency specific Micro-Currents, pure oxygen breathing and/or photon color lights,” says Krizman. “Some of the benefits of these multiple modalities include reduced inflammation, improved healing and circulation, detoxification and immune system activation. Also, we will soon be offering IV therapies to provide additional options for post-procedure healing.”

Krizman will continue to provide related therapies including tongue and lip tie release and ALF early orthodontic treatment for children.

Tucson Biological Dentistry is located at 1601 N. Tucson Blvd., Ste. 35, in Tucson. For more information, call 520-326-0082 or email Smile@KrizmanDental.com. See ad, page 10.

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