Feeling Stressed? A Little Crazed?

Try Flotation Therapy

Around 150 years ago, we lived in close contact with nature and in a pattern of very slow life rhythms which gave adequate time to integrate outside sensory stimuli into our nervous systems. The technological revolution of the last 45 years has caused a flood of stimulation which overwhelms our nervous systems, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. The result of this overstimulation is stress.

Stress is a silent killer, and the major contributor to many diseases, both acute and chronic. Chronic diseases can be more dangerous, because their onset is slow and their causes may be difficult to locate. Our nervous system needs peace and serenity to regenerate itself. In fact, science has shown us that giving ourselves the regular experience of being in the dark and quiet is just as important to our well-being as moving and stimulating our body. Environments that enhance serenity and relaxation are crucial for this process of recuperation, but almost impossible to find in our current cultural atmosphere.

Sensory deprivation chambers, also known as flotation therapy, isolation therapy and zero gravity therapy, are an ideal environment to facilitate this process of healing nervous exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. Flotation therapy removes all distracting stimuli and allows our brains to enter a meditative state which then stimulates the release of endorphins. This encourages the production of alpha, theta and delta waves in the brain, which have an enormous beneficial effect on the entire physical body. These waves are what we achieve during R.E.M sleep and deep meditation. This is why research has shown that one hour in the tank is equivalent to four hours of sleep.

Though we often find ourselves wishing for a break or time to unwind, in our current pace of life, it can be very difficult to achieve. Many of us have noticed that even vacations fail to produce the desired relaxation effect. How many times have we returned from a vacation only to find ourselves more exhausted than when we left?

Just 60 to 90 minutes in a flotation tank can profoundly reduce stress and reset the nervous system. There are a wide range of ailments that can be alleviated, such as: pain reduction, PTSD, jet lag, improved athletic performance, fibromyalgia relief, increased creativity and much more. But it doesn’t stop with just ailments. For those interested in exploring the higher functions of the mind in meditation, there is no place more peaceful than a float tank.

Float tanks are a perfect adjunct to other holistic practices like massage, chiropractic and acupuncture because they so profoundly relax the muscles and mind that clients can have a more successful session with the practitioner. This allows them to do deeper work with the client. Many semi-pro and professional athletes have found the float tank not only allows them to recover quickly from injury found on the field of play, but gives them that added necessary mind shift from stress to relaxation. People like Steph Curry of the San Francisco Warriors, and Alex Gregory, a gold medal winner rower, have both said that they never expected the results they got from relaxing their mind, and how that action has given them freedom to improve their game.

Tucson is fortunate to have not one, but two floatation tank centers: Levity Floatation and Wellness, in midtown, and Cloud Nine Flotation, on the east side. Levity also offers massage, craniosacral, far infrared sauna and BioScan. Cloud Nine offers sound and energy healing (including reiki) and meditation. Kristina Olivarez, of Levity, has been a massage therapist since 2011 and Kalyn Wolf, of Cloud Nine, has over 30 years of experience in sound and energy healing.


Cloud Nine Flotation Center
2118 S. Avenida Planeta, Tucson • FloatTucson.com

Levity Floatation and Wellness
2272 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson • LevityRising.com

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