Personal Caregiving at Aging Grace

Aging Grace, of Tucson, provides clients and their families the highest standard of excellence in caregiving. This is accomplished through professional delivery of focused, team-based care and relevant communication with residents, their medical providers and the responsible family member or agency leads.

To maintain and build on this commitment to excellence in affordable caregiving, Aging Grace strives to make personal and meaningful contact with each resident at a rate much higher than the usual assisted care facilities in Tucson. Caregivers are led by an experienced and licensed Home Manager with many years of senior nursing care experience. Each caregiver is required to attend training sessions in new and improved techniques and updated requirements in senior care.

The end result is a safe and gentle living environment, free from unnecessary stress at this time in the resident’s life. Aging Grace’s vigilance and dedication to personal human touches, which unfortunately is too often overlooked in the larger care facilities, gives them a significant advantage in their approach to the care of elders. The true bottom line is respect, sensitivity and rapid action in attending to the needs of all residents, regardless of their medical situation.

Those interested in seeing the facilities or obtaining more information can contact Aging Grace and set up a visit within 24 hours.

Location: 6701 E. Opatas St., Tucson. For more information, call or text 520-222-6718. For visitor requests, call 520-222-6718. See ad, page 19.

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