Sing without Strain

Sarah Evans

Sarah’s School for Speech in Song (SSSS) was established after labored research in the field of singing. The teacher and owner, Sarah Evans conducted several choirs, participated in choirs and did gigs at coffee shops—and after each event was discouraged because of a hoarse and tired voice. “Our voices having a shelf life did not make sense,” she says.

Five years ago, Evans met her teacher, Christiaan Boele, and discovered that “the only reason voices have a shelf life or get tired and strained is because most are singing from a mechanical point, i.e. soft/hard palate, pharynx, larynx, diaphragm,” she explains. This school is the opposite. The specific exercises teach us how to forget about the breathing, forget about the mask and upper palate and allow the inner stream with its attendant tone to adjust the mechanics gently and effortlessly. After a lesson, students of SSSS have consistently felt better because the exercises are a gentle reminder of the interconnections of our breathing process and sound.

“This singing school is healing and as one progresses, they can look forward to hours of singing without any strain on the voice,” says Evans. “Studies have shown that singing is good for the lungs and heart and produces more endorphins than laughter. SSSS teaches us to sing open and free.”

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