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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Founded 2017

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Anna Mana Ra, Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healer

Higher Heart Healing LLC

Overview > Offers > Spark from Spirit - 3 Body Healing Sessions for the price of 2!

NEW for 2023! For those of you that want to fully integrate your soul into your body--and inject energy work into your life, I'm excited to make a special offer of 3, 1 hour body healing sessions for the price of 2. Know that I offer you... In my body healing sessions, as an intuitive spiritual healer, I follow the flow of YOU during your session, and utilize my Reiki, Shamanic, and Quantum technologies to ALIGN your chakra centers as well as your Auric field and the additional planes of your light body. You also will be smudged with white buffalo sage and my crystals will be placed on your body and in my sacred SANDBOWL in a carefully loving crystal grid that is designed by YOUR soul. Release is always an important part of my sessions, where we both show up for YOU by releasing heavy vibrations and frequencies as needed. My office is a SACRED SANTUARY for YOUR healing time. All that transpires is confidential, and blessed by Spirit with love that moves you for days after you leave. Once you purchase this package, you will be sent a code to use for all 3 sessions, and you can book them online at a date and time that is convenient for you. This is a great way to start making IMPACTFUL change happen in your life with me and your own energy field, if you are at a strong pivot point in your life, and really need assistance managing your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors with my sacred support container of Higher Heart Healing. You DESERVE to feel and be better! So commit to 3 sessions to start energy work,, and CULTIVATE a strong connection with your Spirit Guides today. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase.

Never expires. Use the offer code below when booking each session online. You book all sessions online whenever you decide to use them.