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Natural Awakenings Tucson

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Howard Kline

Howard Kline Fine Art Studio

2826 East Calle Glorietta
Tucson, AZ 85716

Howard Kline Studio – Expressionism Art – Tucson, Arizona Happily I have closed my retail gallery and I am back in my home studio in the Old Pueblo, Tucson Arizona where there are 350+ days of glorious sunshine, friendly people, vibrant art scene, great public art and home to the Tucson Museum of Art and Symphony Orchestra.

Studio appointments to BUY ART NOW can be arranged contact me.

My interest in art started as a child when I produced back yard circuses’ complete with homemade sets. I started producing income at a young age by charging a small fee to the neighborhood children to see my circus. While in high school, I was a “sixty’s” rock drummer and even before attending Montserrat in 1973, I was developing a following and selling my work.

Expressionism art is a modernist movement, its trait is to present the world from a subjective perspective for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. While attending Montserrat College of Art, one of my teachers was a student of Hans Hoffman, the Godfather of Expressionism art. During the four years of art school, I learned classical figure drawing and how to incorporate my own life’s experiences and draw on them as ideas for painting. I continued to create my own style after graduation in 1977 and then I found the history behind it. My painting style is borne from the highly emotional Expressionism art movement of the 1940’s. This painting style has strong emotional content that captures the essence of the moment by purely visual means, painting with intense spontaneity using vibrant color, shapes and forms.

My fascination with the female form, improvisational jazz , my history as a New England Lobster Fisherman and my love for the sea have contributed to the inspiration for my work. In 1974 I started to paint abstractly and then abandoned the style for the figure and more representational images. About twenty years ago I revisited the theme and discovered a renewed interest in working with just shape, color and form. Another happy accident is my discovery of a void in the art market that my abstract watercolors are filling.

After thirty years painting in New England, I wanted to be in a less conservative environment and reach a wider audience with my art. With a detailed search of the art colonies of the United States, I decided to move my gallery to California. I loved the change of scenery but after 2010 I started to reevaluate the concept of the single artist gallery. Although it worked well for me until that time I thought there might be another way for me to get my art in front of people. Looking ahead I wanted to spend more time in my studio without distraction. I packed up my life and my wares and moved to sunny rural Arizona where I painted for three years and it was different but I found I needed to be in a more stimulating atmosphere. Now it is 2017 and I have found it. I have gone back to the future, closed my gallery and moved my studio to Tucson where there are 350+days of glorious sunshine, friendly people, vibrant art scene, a hip environment great public art and home to the Tucson Museum of Art and Symphony Orchestra. You can make appointments to come to my studio and get my undivided attention while deciding which pieces of mine you want to buy. Come see me soon.