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Natural Awakenings Tucson


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ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Linda has been the voice of animals for over 20+ years bringing clarity and insight to many concerns: Emotional, Behavioral, Health, Quality of Life. Energy healing and flower essences often complement the session. Animal Communication tele-classes available. CLASSES: Enjoy fun, supportive, interactive one-day classes and once a month series: Animal Communication, Reiki and Tuning Fork Healing for People and Animals, Awakening Your Intuition, Develop the Healer Within, and Raising Your Vibration to 5-D. Locally held and via teleconference worldwide.

ENERGY HEALING: Linda’s ability to listen to the body, read timelines, and intuitively blend healing modalities can quickly unravel many layers and transform old stresses and stories into a new intention of wellness for yourself.

INTUITIVE ARTS: Learn to maintain a strong energetic foundation for self while developing your clair-sensory perceptions and healing abilities. Develop a personal practice that allows your authentic soul agreements to be a guiding light. Classes locally held and via teleconference worldwide. Private teaching available, beginning to advanced levels.

PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: Learn to drop out of anxiety and stress to reset the hamster wheel mind by retraining body, spirit, mind to work together in partnership. Connect your innate wisdom and free yourself from subconscious patterns, habits, and illnesses, while learning new tools for your own self-healing.