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Natural Awakenings Tucson

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Path4Change PLLC

Dan Kimball

6700 E Speedway Blvd
Suite 108
Tucson, AZ 85710

Embrace a new journey to wellness with Path4Change – a unique integration of counseling, coaching, Reiki, and Qigong. Guided by Dan Kimball, a seasoned counselor, heroic coach, and certified Reiki and Qigong practitioner, we are committed to fostering your holistic well-being.

At the core of our services, we provide counseling and coaching to navigate the complexities of your life, helping you identify your strengths, set attainable goals, and navigate your way through personal challenges. Our goal-oriented and action-based coaching strategies will empower you to create lasting changes and live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

To enhance your wellness journey, we incorporate the profound healing practices of Reiki and Qigong. These practices provide profound energy healing, promoting balance and reducing stress. They offer a unique way of restoring harmony between your physical, emotional, and mental states, helping you to release blocked energy and awaken your body's inherent healing power.

Path4Change is not just about healing; it's about evolving into the best version of yourself. Experience a comprehensive, wellness-focused service that nurtures every aspect of your well-being. Embark on your path to wellness with us today , and let us support you in leading a more balanced, energetic, and fulfilling life. Visit us at