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Natural Awakenings Tucson

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Danielle Dvorak, Medical Intuitive


AKASHIC RECORDS: Danielle, a gifted life-long intuitive, is able to read anyone’s Akashic Records — accessing soul contracts, past life information related to this lifetime, and discovering symbols for the client to work with. Reading your Akashic Records often answers questions you thought unanswerable.

AROMATHERAPY: Heart Scents; As a Certified Aromatherapist, Danielle is highly educated and experienced in the use of essential oils. She has her own product line, HeartScents, offering single oils and custom blends that address a variety of conditions. What scent resonates for you?

GONG THERAPY: Meditate, do yoga, or relax while you are bathed in sound and vibration that clears your energy field. Danielle is trained and certified through in the Tibetan Sacred Sound Healing tradition. Private sessions and group events (Gong Baths) are available.

MEDICAL INTUITIVE: Danielle is a trained and certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP) through The Practical Path in Tujunga, CA. Medical Intuition utilizes clairvoyance and the sense of intuition to view and assess an individual’s physical body, along with their unique energy system.

PROSPERITY GUIDANCE: Are you in harmony with your occupation? What stops you from having more wealth? Discover old belief systems, karmic decisions and conditioning that may be blocking you. By discovering unconsciously held blocks, Danielle is able to help bring you more abundance.

SOUND THERAPY: Relax and receive while you are energetically cleansed by antique Tibetan singing bowls, Gantas (bells), and more in the Tibetan Sacred Sound Healing tradition. Danielle is trained and certified through She is a life-long, classically-trained musician, and an intuitive empath.