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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Spirituality Program from Higher Heart Healing

Where newly sparked souls come to learn spiritual knowledge, tools, and techniques, so they can remember who they really areā€”and move into fulfillment, abundance, peace and joy.

I help newly sparked empaths, to ditch confusion for clarity and start their spiritual journey, understand their soul path, and make sense of their gifts-so they can have inner peace, harmony, and live in abundance and joy.

8 week course.

1 class portal is launched each week. All classes are currently online only. Contains 2 in-person or remote healing sessions; 1 activated & programmed crystal necklace; 8 video teachings; weekly Soulwork assignments and customized affirmations and mantras; and slide presentations with each week's portal. Go at your own speed, or follow along with each portal release on Mondays.

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Date & Time

1st Monday

Sep 13, 2021 through Sep 13, 2022


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