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Heart Health and Heavy Metals

What can you do to improve your heart function??

 If you live in America, you have been exposed to Heavy Metals. Millions have mercury in their dental fillings, Billions eat genetically modified foods (corn, soy, wheat) which cause our bodies to grab aluminum and hang on to it. Childhood and adult vaccines contain aluminum and other toxins that damage our pineal gland – a very important organ in the brain that regulates our sleep/wake cycles and helps clear out toxins. Lead is in our pipes and in our water. Arsenic and cadmium are in our foods. It is difficult to get away from it. Why should we?

Heavy metals cause brain issues such as Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, autoimmune disorders, autism spectrum disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, insomnia, neurological issues, and immune system suppression. They impact every one of us. Cardiovascular issues are seen later with accumulation of heavy metals. This includes: TIA’s, stroke, coronary artery disease due to plaque build-up, and heart attacks.

What can you do? Clean up your diet, drink clean water, add in Chlorella and cilantro to your diet. Take some trace minerals, glutathione and more Vitamin C. Educate yourself and your families about what is in their medicines and their annual shots. Understand that between 1945-1985 the number of vaccines a child was given went from 2-5 then in 1985 it went up to 13, and now it is at 16.

If you want to know more come to our free talk on Wednesday, February 16th at 6pm and learn about this silent health stealer.

Transformational Medicine reboots their monthly talks in February, every 3rd Wednesday from 6-7pm. Please RSVP as space is limited. 520-209-1755

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3rd Wednesday

Feb 16, 2022 through Dec 14, 2022

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