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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Release to Receive - the Art of Letting Go Program (in person)

How to let go of emotional traumas quickly, confidently, and in a sustainable loving way, so you can move forward in your life and reconnect to your Joy!


Week 1. Don’t Grin and Bear it Week 2. Allowing for Flow Week 3. Processing an Emotional Crisis vs Everyday Thought Habits Week 4. Tools and Methods for Healing

In this powerful and transformative program, I utilize Dr. David Hawkins teachings. I have combined his loving lessons with moving on from loss, with several other contemporary teaching modalities I’ve used in my own healing journey, I guide you through various finely crafted thought and writing exercise— that allow you to breakthrough the surface of your dug-in habitual thought programs, so you can start to end the “Spin Cycle” of thought patterns on repeat. You have all the power of the Universe within you, and you are perfectly capable of changing the way you thing about yourself, and CAN let go of old stories so you can live presently today! So go ahead and expect to re-engage with the world around you, after you complete this short program. Miracles happen everyday, in every way. It is possible to heal everything that has ever happened in your life, and learn how to let it go with Spiritual tools, methods, and resources in this program. Program Outcomes: Learn how to start journaling and writing out your feelings Receive custom weekly affirmations during class Learn a few different ways to PROCESS your emotions I’ve personally worked with in my own life, and have tested out MANY times over! Learn how to create SUPPORT CONTAINERS in your life to support your healing journey and what those are. Connecting with your own Higher Self (your Soul) in moving Energetic Experiences I lead in the office during each session. **Think binaural beats sound healing music with a guided meditational experience led by an energy healer, channeling Spirit and taking you into magical, mystical places every class.** Higher Heart Healing. Power shifting your energy field with LOVE every day, in every way.

Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesday

Jun 28, 2022 through Jul 14, 2022

5:30PM - 7:00PM


Higher Heart Healing LLC 5930 East Pima Street Ste. 108 Tucson 85712 AZ US

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