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LISTEN to the Who's Dat Phat Girl PODCAST

A podcast on 100 pound weight loss and health gain through humorous tales involving Cajun comfort food, costumes and self confidence. New Episodes Every Monday!

WHO’S DAT PHAT GIRL : A New Podcast About 100 Pound Weight Loss & 100% Health Gain From Actor - Comedian Brooke Hoover

How do you convince yourself you are PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting) when, for decades, you were told that since you’re FAT you’re therefore ugly, unworthy, unlovable?

Brooke hopes to enlighten all of us, including herself, that stuffing your face with kale all day won’t do any good if you aren’t also feeding yourself with kindness (and the occasional piece of King Cake!)

Episodes range from Brooke’s smoking cessation & battle with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome with natural remedies to a dose of nostalgia when re-visiting bogus 80’s exercise & diet fads.

Now available on all podcast streaming sites from Apple Podcasts to Spotify to Google Podcasts with a video version available on Hoover’s YouTube channel and downloadable transcripts available for vision / hearing impaired ( and ).

LISTEN, VIEW or READ any time - new episodes released Monday mornings!

Date & Time

Weekly on Monday

Sep 12, 2022 through Dec 25, 2023