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Kalyn Wolf: Stress and Anxiety Management

Dec 30, 2020 04:50PM ● By Erica Mills

Kalyn Wolf: Stress and Anxiety Management

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With over 45 years in the human potential movement and over 35 years of floating, Kalyn Wolf, owner of Cloud Nine Flotation, is uniquely qualified to present a breakthrough in the world of managing stress and anxiety. Stress/Anxiety Management (SAM) is a six-week course that is offered both online and live. It offers students worldwide the chance to experience flotation therapy, daily journaling, mindfulness practices and guided visualization to manage their stress and anxiety. Tucson is very lucky to have flotation centers available, but for those who cannot float—either because they don’t live near a center, or for personal reasons—the course is beneficial as well.
Wolf was attracted to the human potential movement through attending personal growth seminars starting in the late 1970s. In 1994, she authored a best-selling book on manifesting the heart’s desire, called Marrying Smart! A Practical Guide for Attracting Your Mate, but it was the flotation tank that significantly changed her life, both personally and professionally. In 1986, Wolf partnered with other alternative health practitioners in Tucson to create the Synergy Center on Ft. Lowell. Then, in 2015 she reopened Cloud Nine Flotation, which has won Tucson Weekly’s “Best of Tucson” in the category Alternative Health Centers for the past three years.
Then, COVID-19 hit. Even though stress management is an essential service, Cloud Nine suffered. There were many obstacles. Wolf got shingles. She grieved the loss of more than 15 people in 2020, from both COVID and non-COVID related causes. She had no control over her business failing.
Wolf had been working on a mindfulness program for people who float regularly since April 2019 and decided that there was no better time to roll it out. It was her members and her vision of the SAM course that inspired her to continue. Her purpose became to complete the course. The first round of students came from the global float community. Float Center owners in Australia, Canada and the U.S. jumped on board a Beta Test, along with several of Cloud Nine Flotation’s clients. The reviews have been outstanding. People are truly resonating with the message she sends.
Wolf invites the readers of Natural Awakenings to experience a taste of the program by going to and watching the introductory video. There, they can learn more about the SAM Course and how to enroll. See ad, page 49.

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - 2118 S Avenida Planeta Tucson AZ

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - 2118 S Avenida Planeta, Tucson, AZ

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