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Jean Read, PT

Jean Read

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Watsu and Wellness, also known as Jean Read, PT, thrives in Tucson while enjoying being surrounded by mountains and beautiful desert. Read offers a wide variety of treatment skills that she has gained over her 30 years as a physical therapist.
After working in hospitals, home health and out-patient clinics, she has developed a love and many skills beneficial to the wellness industry. Read believes that the body has an innate ability to heal, repair and restore itself when given the opportunity to do so. She has explored many complementary therapies and is able to weave and combine them together for a more effective treatment for each individual.
While stress can be a big driver of disease, we know today that sleep, exercise, diet, nutrition and socializing play a huge role in our health in addition to our environmental exposures. Add to that some chronic pain, digestive issues, traumatic injury, headaches or heel pain, and seeking help in the current medical model can be challenging.
Read has so many tools to utilize to bring one’s body back toward wellness. Her skills include: craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, dry needling, total motion release, pain neutralizing technique, hot stone myofascial release, deep dry needling, private exercise prescription and more. Clients have reported improvements in hearing, vision, alignment of teeth and TMJ, pain relief, improved sleep, improved swallow, improved digestion, improved bladder control, reduction in PTSD and more.
Read is continuing to study functional nutrition and is a certified Wahls practitioner. She has recently spent extra time studying the importance of the microbiome of the body and its very important roles to activate the immune system and contribute to our overall health. Look for upcoming classes during the month of February on following the Wahls Protocol to address one’s wellness goals. See ad, page 50.

Jean Read

Watsu and Wellness - NA, Tucson, AZ

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