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Holiday Stress and Overwhelm: A Different Viewpoint

Nov 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Trish Devitt
This is not our typical “Beat Holiday Stress” tips. Alternatively, let’s be willing to give up our beliefs about holiday stress.
Who are we listening to? Question everything. Listen to others, especially family members and advertisements, with discerning awareness. What messages are they imprinting on us?
Often, they make us feel obligated to buy gifts for everybody we know—and feel guilty for leaving somebody out, especially if they gave us something. Learn to discern the difference between enjoying the activities and gifts, versus feeling pressured to do everything right.
What really makes us happy, rather than merely entertained or “good enough”? Let’s all choose one thing that we’ve always done during the holidays, either through habit or pressure. And—don’t do it! Observe how this feels, take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of freedom that is truly deserved.

Emotional Habits
We develop emotional habits through repetition and conditioning. We think those emotions are caused by what is happening outside of us, that they’re unavoidable.
We are “taught” that we are supposed to feel stressed during the holidays, so we do. That belief is constantly reinforced, but when we become aware of this conditioning process, we can become free of it, and express our authentic emotions, rather than externally created.
This holiday season, try this experiment—an adventure in discovering a pathway out of the stress and into peace. Observe, without judgement, what messages are being imprinted on us. What are our thoughts and emotions in reaction to those messages?
The simple practice of impartial observation helps to gently release some of those underlying patterns that create feelings of stress. We can make this a game, laugh at our observations—and especially enjoy a laugh at ourselves.

Vibration and Frequency
The Law of Attraction says that we get what we vibrate. We are constantly emitting vibrations—our cells, organs, thoughts, emotions—and bringing to us those of a similar frequency.
The best part of the holidays is the love vibration. It’s the whole point of the season! For some, it’s religious or spiritual, or the love for the children as they experience the “magic”, or the love we express to others in the form of gifts and beautiful decorations, a simple smile given to a stranger or service to those less fortunate.
We should check in with ourselves from time to time, and ask ourselves, “Am I emitting stress vibrations or love vibrations?” If emitting stress vibrations, then stop and speak an affirmation that raises vibration. For example: “I choose peace. I choose love.” Like a tuning fork, our love vibration activates the same in others, and our stress level drops instantly.

Trish Devitt is an Advanced Frequency Therapist and Transformational Coach.
For more information or to schedule a free introductory session, call 520-261-5194, email

Trish Devitt

Trish Devitt

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