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E Dental Solutions

Elahe P. Wissinger

Elahe P. Wissinger

E Dental Solutions

Elahe P. Wissinger, DMD
2504 E River Rd, Tucson
[email protected]

Summary/services offered:
We take pride in our Zen environment accompanied by state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We offer a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, oral cancer screening, safe mercury amalgam removal, implants, Invisalign, whitening, laser therapy, iTero 3-D scan, digital radiography and so much more. I have been practicing since 1996 and have an extensive background in all phases of dentistry.

What drew you to this profession?
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, where I also worked as a peer counselor. Psychology allowed me to exercise active listening and learning how to manage a myriad of phobias, anxieties and fears patients presented me with. But I knew that psychology was not my true calling.
I have always loved art in any form. Dentistry fulfills my artistic needs, as well as the hard science, with tangible goals and visible results that were sometimes lacking in psychology. But my passion for psychology does help me meet the needs that can sometimes accompany dentistry, such as anxiety, fear and stress.

How does your work differ from others in your profession?  
I transitioned into holistic dentistry when I realized how products like fluoride, used daily in dentistry by almost all dental providers, are neurotoxins that can have lifelong effects in the body. To ensure complete safety of her patients as it relates to dental products and restorations offered, I now use products that are biocompatible, strong and long lasting. Our in-office lab allows us to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges, overseen by me to ensure that only the best is made for our patients.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know?
At E Dental Solutions, we ensure that all our patients’ needs are met by hiring only the best of the best to become part of our team and family. Every patient is treated with gentle care and superior service. We strive to be the best in our field. See ad, back cover.

E Dental Solutions  Medicine Wheel Dental - 2504 E River Rd Tucson AZ

E Dental Solutions & Medicine Wheel Dental - 2504 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ

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