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Natural Awakenings Tucson

July 2024 Letter From Publisher

Jun 30, 2024 10:05AM ● By Holly Baker

Holly Baker

Keeping cool is the name of the game in Tucson this season.

Our feature story this month is “Ayurvedic Seasonal Eating”, discussing the importance of eating the foods that are in season with nature and with our bodies. This method of eating what is seasonally and locally available helps us maintain harmony with nature, supports local farmers, reduces carbon emissions and more. The benefits are nearly endless. Learn more on page 16, and try it out by stopping by your local farmers’ markets to stock up on this season’s bounty.

In the theme of keeping cool this summer, check out “Summer Splash” on page 26, all about summer aquatic activities and water safety for the whole family. And “Taking Dogs for a Swim” on page 28 has plenty of great tips for enjoying the water with your furry friends.

Speaking of furry friends, we dive into the meaning of “horse sense” on page 24, where we learn three lessons that horses can teach us for our relationships with others—human and animal alike.

Meet the author of a new book about our favorite topic—Tucson! On page 20, we talk to Aneta Hebrova, who wrote Essence of Tucson: The Story after falling in love with our wonderful home.

Don’t forget to check out our News Briefs for several new Tucson area businesses, as well as the Calendar section for local events. You can find even more content online at

Stay cool, Tucson!

Holly Baker, publisher