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Natural Awakenings Tucson

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Transformational Medicine

2028 E Prince Rd
Tucson, AZ 85719

BODYWORK: Tired of the pain? ​Myofascial release frees you from what holds you back. Let go of past injuries and love life again. ​Zach specializes in myofascial release, structural integration and neuromuscular re-education with 26 years of hands-on experience.

HEALTHY LIVING: Learn to choose the right foods for you, how to heal your intestines, when to eat and more. Healing your intestine’s aides in healing Type 2 diabetes, obesity, sluggishness, sleeplessness, depression and lacking confidence. Added benefit is weight loss.



The holidays are approaching and so are the price increases at Transformational Medicine. Now, is a GREAT time to buy in advance for yourself or buy someone else an opportunity to get assistance from any of the Providers at Transformational Medicine.

GC Valid for one year from date of purchase. No cash exchange. Can be used by recipient for Dr. Saber, Dr. Miller, Zach Saber, IV therapy, lab tests, inhouse supplements.