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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Experience It To Believe It

Juan and Sherry Tejada, of American Health Acupuncture, have dedicated their lives to the principle of feeling your very best and enjoying life to the fullest through the healing energy of acupuncture that empowers inner restorative healing power. They use this natural healing to treat many conditions, from fibromyalgia and arthritis to colds and flu, migraines, back and neck pain, digestive problems and more.

Hypnotherapy and HypnoPuncture are used for conditions such as quitting smoking, weight control, pain management, sleep disorders and more. After receiving treatments, patients say their “AHA” experience changed their lives—like feeling relaxed and peaceful; energized and motivated;
looking and feeling younger; increased immunity and conquering depression. Juan and Sherry want everyone to understand what an “AHA” experience is all about… it’s so much more than just needles.

Location: 235 W. Giaconda Way, Ste. 233, Tucson. Contact: 520-544-6603 or visit