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Green Beauty Tips from Xanadu Salon and Spa

Oct 27, 2011 07:18PM ● By Katharine Connelly Nelson

Victoria Gonzalez, Owner

There is nothing like a visit to the salon to give a person the chance to refresh their image and rejuvenate their spirit, and Xanadu Salon and Spa owner Victoria Gonzalez incorporates this philosophy into every aspect of her business. Xanadu offers a variety of treatments and services that help clients achieve lasting lifestyle changes while enabling them to reduce, reuse, recycle and rejuvenate.

The stylists at Xanadu offer a product line that requires only small amounts of product to be effective, and also has the benefit of a recycling program for the bottles that may be refilled at a discount. To keep the products fresh and uncontaminated, clients receive a brand-new bottle of product and their empty bottles are returned to the company for processing.

Hairstylist Pablo Ojeda states, “I keep educating myself on how to be gentler with our planet, as we are all part of the problem. I know that if we all try in our daily lives, then together, we will make a difference.”

The art and passion of beauty

For the team of s tylists, massage therapists and nail technicians at Xanadu; the art of beauty is collaboration between the client and the stylist,
where ideas are put into action through the talented application of products and the creative use of the tools of the trade. The staff is passionate
about sharing easy everyday tips with their clients in order to help them create salon styles at home while saving time and money by educating them how to use products correctly.

Natural organic product lines

Stylist Mickie Nunez has more than 20 years experience teaching her clients how to style their hair. She takes the time to find out what they like and dislike about their hair, as well as their level of comfort in styling their hair at home, before she works her magic by creating the most flattering hairstyles. Whether you have five minutes in the morning or 30 minutes, she will help you create several versatile looks.

Nunez can even tame the curliest and frizziest locks into a straight, sleek and shiny style by using her straightening iron for a temporary look, or by using Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, which straightens the hair for three to five months. Privé is another remarkable line of natural hair care and styling products that she uses, saying, “In my heart of hearts, I want to share simple techniques with my clients that make a big difference in their daily lives.”

Highlights and color

Gonzales, a master colorist, specializes in fixing clients’ coloring and highlighting mistakes. She encourages them to add natural highlights to brighten their look or to take charge of grey hair with an allover color that covers the grey and flatters the skin tones.

Permanent makeup

For clients looking for a natural-looking makeup application that can add a permanent youthful appearance, eliminate time-consuming daily application and removal of makeup, save hundreds of dollars a year on makeup and give clients a way to have smug-proof and waterproof look for those active in swimming or sports, Gonzalez recommends the inexpensive options available with permanent makeup.

She says, “It is so rewarding to help women achieve the look they have always wanted, whether it is to correct or fill in the arch of her eyebrows, to enhance the eyes and eyelashes with liner or to rejuvenate the lip area by making corrections with a lip-liner, adding a natural lip color to enhance her everyday smile, or helping to cover the look of scars. It is amazing how just a bit of color can enhance a woman’s naturally beautiful look.”

Hair styling

Ojeda states that being a hairdresser allows him to, “…make a difference in people’s lives by helping them to change their appearance, which changes the way they feel about themselves.” He is passionate about sharing the new, more natural styles and products like Abba, because many of his clients like the sexy look of long, curly hair where he applies his simple philosophy of, “…keeping things simple and natural, to make clients lives easier and happier.”

Nail care

Putting your best hand or foot forward makes a great first impression, and nail specialist MaryAnn Driscoll enjoys helping clients relax with a manicure or pedicure. She helps clients pick out just the right nail color for everyday wear and special events. Driscoll also recommends the Detox Foot Spa Aqua Detox Treatment to naturally detoxify the body and drain toxins out through the pores of the feet.

Skin care and waxing

One of the best ways to help clients look and feel rejuvenated is through the many facial and skin care treatments offered by Xanadu. Driscoll enthusiastically states, “I love being able to have someone come into the salon for a treatment that feels tired and then ends up leaving feeling like a whole new person, because they feel lighter, cleaner, healthier and more refreshed after receiving skin care and waxing treatments.”

Massage therapy

The massage therapists at Xanadu can help restore energy and the feeling of balance and well-being by releasing the builtup tensions and muscle aches. There are many different types of massages available for the relief of arthritis, lower back pain, migraine pain, anxiety, circulatory problems and sports injuries.

Making lifestyle changes easier

Xanadu Salon and Spa is the perfect destination for special events. Their experienced stylists can create innovative looks that are designed especially for special occasions, such as your wedding party hair and make-up or a model shoot with a professional photographer.

They also offer massage rooms where you and a friend or loved one can receive spa treatments while being able to talk with each other during your massage, body wrap or facial. Xanadu also offers customized pedicure chairs and several specialty treatments for your feet that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, while adding just the right touch of color to your toes.

Xanadu Salon and Spa’s expert staff is there to guide clients every step of the way toward a better lifestyle by providing a variety of helpful services, including well-ness programs and weight reduction programs to help clients meet their overall healthy lifestyle goals.

Gonzalez believes she has a responsibility to her clients to have the most up-to-date training, equipment and products to meet the needs of her staff and clients, and this is why her salon has such a variety of services dedicated to meeting the over well-being needs of those she serves.

Location: 4026 E. Grant Rd., Tucson. For more information or to schedule and appointment, call 520-850-3208 or visit