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Sixteen years ago, Mary Heissinger first walked into Desert Rose Homeopathics & Herbals seeking relief from seasonal bronchitis. The owner, Faye McCoy, helped her find the perfect homeopathic remedy. Heissinger felt an inner shift in her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being after taking this remedy. She learned that homeopathic remedies are gentle, yet very powerful, in balancing the dis-ease within.

Today, Mary and her husband, Dennis, own this specialty store and welcome all that enter with a friendly smile and the possibility for positive change. Through apprenticeship, experience in kinesiology and intuitive awareness, they assist customers in finding balanced solutions for their special needs.

The shelves of Desert Rose are filled with a large selection of well-known brands and hard-to-find remedies, including homeopathics, flower essences, essential oils, professional- grade vitamins and supplements, herbal tinctures, LifeWave patches, locally crafted blends and more. In their dedication to help, they will find what you need, even if it must be specially ordered. Consultations are available by appointment Monday through Friday.

Location: 3065 N. Campbell Ave. (SW corner of Campbell & Hedrick). For more information, call 520-918-0100, or email [email protected]

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