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Align with the Universal Energy

Reiki Master Candace Studebaker states, “The body’s energy system is a dynamic as Earth and the universe. A healthy body has energy flowing freely, but a body with dis-ease demonstrates blocked, slow, thick, congested flow.” She says that studies at UCLA have proven nine aspects of the energy system in the human body and that their full assessment is important to begin balancing the system to assist the body in self-repair.

Another important aspect is what we think and believe that also affects subtle energy, whichcan result in an unbalanced energy system. Individualized energy medicine techniques can be performed by anyone at home. This allows enhancement of the energy system to respond and do the job it was created to do. Energy medicine techniques, based in quantum physics, nurture one’s body and health.

Studebaker enjoyed a 40-year career as a licensed physical therapist and now practices energymedicine. Her experiences with addressing chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, autoimmunediseases, cancer, fibromyalgia, emotional and soul issues and many other problems facilitate her assessments and application of energy medicine techniques.

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