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Patricia Marie Hillyard : Professional Yoga Therapist

Patricia Hillyard, IYT, e-RYT-500, offers yin yoga classes from 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. on Thursdays at Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center. Yin yoga is a quiet practice that compliments a regular dynamic yoga practice. It targets the spine, hips and legs and releases energy to the joints, unlike a dynamic yoga practice that directs the energy to the muscles. A small number of poses are held comfortably for approximately three minutes, using props to support each pose, which is designed to open meridians (energy pathways). Yin yoga applies stress to connective tissues to help prevent deterioration as we age, increase our range of motion and reverse our aging process. Hillyard says, “My approach to a yoga practice is to create a sacred space to honor the body and listen to the teacher within. I offer each class as a prayer.”

Hillyard is certified as a professional yoga therapist, trauma sensitive yoga teacher, and a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher. She became a certified Integral Yoga teacher in 1975, studying under Swami Satchidananda, and then continued her studies of Eastern philosophy during two spiritual journeys to India. She has chosen natural healing to honor the body as a temple of God. She helps clients create a healing place within using visualization and relaxation to tap into an unlimited energy source and enjoy life to the fullest.

Patricia Marie Hillyard, IYT, e-RYT 500
Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center
4650 West Jojoba Drive
[email protected]

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