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Be Smart about Falling in Love

If you can get real about the challenges of having a healthy love relationship, you can then do something different, and have a good chance at having many happy Valentine’s Days.

Are you smart in love? If you’re willing to get expert support and guidance, you Are smart! Relationships are complex. Don’t go it alone. Get skilled input. Are you really smart? Then you get guidance before you meet your partner, or when you first start dating, and certainly before you make a commitment. Most people follow their animal instincts when starting and continuing a relationship. They go by feelings and aren’t using their thinking brain. Going solely by feelings is not working, but few people try a thinking and feeling route.

Do you follow your heart in love? How do you know it’s love? Maybe it’s lust. Maybe it’s that you’re finally not lonely. Maybe it’s that you feel a sense of security. Just what is making your choices in love? You want to give some guided thought to that, or else you’ll end up in a pile of ashes, like so many relationships.

To have a healthy relationship you need to make three commitments: resolving significant emotional upsets or distancing; treating one another with kindness and respect at all times, no matter how you feel; utilizing a skilled third party when you can’t do one and two on your own.

Most people don’t know how to resolve anger and conflict. If you don’t, you’re dead in the water. Most people think they have a solid commitment to treat one another with kindness and respect, but fall way short when they get upset. So, be smart. Get support. Be happy.

Bill White, at Healthy Couples love and relationship coaching for singles and couples, works with couples to resolve anger, arguments, emotional distancing, broken trust and childhood. For more information or a free consultation, call 520-319-9132, email [email protected] or visit

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