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New Book Explores the Path of Authenticity

Authors Steve Ross and Karen McChrystal have given us a relationship book, How to Get Married After Forty: A Radical Approach to Finding and Keeping Your Mate, that works. Are you tired of blind dates, putting on an act to impress someone new, endlessly revising your on-line profile or that list of what you want in a partner?

The authors suggest you may be sending wrong signals. They encourage you to take a good, long look at yourself and your personal history to find out what makes you tick. Explore, discover, and celebrate who you really are, then put yourself out there with confidence. Get the ball back in your court. The dating game is far less about finding the right person as becoming the right person. Ross notes, “This book is for anyone who is single and would rather not be, not just those over 40.”

Based largely on their years of counseling both couples and individuals, and upon their own experiences, the authors’ radical approach to marriage extends to uncovering the 10 hidden beliefs and the past conditioning that can sabotage intimacy and block marital success. Instead of always trying to meet other’s expectations, step forward as who you really are. Then you will attract people who can see and appreciate you, who complement your qualities with theirs…people who are most likely to actually be your ideal mate.

Allan Gold, Ph.D., an educational psychologist, states, ”Readers who embrace the lessons of this book cannot help but make personal progress towards truly being themselves as individuals and as part of significant healthy relationships.”

Jessica Broitman, Ph.D., president of the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group, says, “This book really does offer a radical approach…helping you understand and navigate the powerful effects of unconscious process. The book is filled with examples and exercises that help you think about your relationships in new and potentially much improved ways.”

How to Get Married After Forty: A Radical Approach to Finding and Keeping Your Mate is available at and

Coming in June
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