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September 2014 Pub Letter

Although no one understands the emotions of another until they stand in their shoes, those of us that have lost loved ones might regard the idea of spending one afternoon by their bedside as a gift and a privilege.

This month, we focus on caregiving by individuals, organizations and communities. Caregivers can be helpmates or lifesavers, depending on the circumstances: teachers, nurses, doctors and family members spend a good part of their lives dedicated to the welfare of others, but who takes care of the people that take care of people?

They sometimes put themselves at the bottom of the list, thinking of others first, but their own capacity to serve often requires a long-term strategy that begins with care for the caregiver, so they can then serve others with greater strength and capability. Overload, fatigue and burnout are often attendant to the caregiving process, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Perhaps the requirements for care often cannot be changed, but much of the stress can be avoided by means of attitude, self-help and sharing the responsibility with others. In our feature article, “Conscious Caregiving: Nurture Yourself While Helping Another,” Deborah Crouse describes the current trends in senior care, a field that is growing by leaps and bound as our baby boom population continues to age. On a similar note, she touches upon a unique method of forestalling the ravages of time with music and dance in “Sparking Creativity in Elders with Dementia.”

September is National Yoga Month, and so it is our pleasure to shine a light on what is becoming a primary approach to wellness and vitality. Perhaps the way we move our bodies and breathe through yoga may be the tonic that can allow us to lift the burden and handle our life challenges with a bigger smile. If you’re a little vague on what all the excitement is about or are just curious, our story, “Say Yes to Yoga,” by Lynda Bassett, presents a nice overview of the basics.

Kamini Desai, the daughter of well-know Yogi Amrit Desai, is the subject of National Editor Linda Sechrist’s biographical sketch that defines a life of inner calmness and self-mastery. I’ve got to work on that self-mastery thing myself, especially standing in front of the refrigerator!

We’ve had some great feedback about our Artist Spotlight series, and this month’s installment about Gabriel Ayala, who has played his guitar for presidents and popes, is a must-read. Let us know about other stellar individuals in any of the arts that you would like to see profiled in our magazine.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay healthy,


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