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Physical Therapy Can Help with Neck Pain

new 30-second self-test for neck pain at Applied Physical Medicine + Tygiel Physical Therapy reveals if physical therapy can help people that wake up with a kink in their neck once in a while; have trouble turning their head to the side while driving to look for traffic; or experience headaches that start at the base or back of their skull.

Dr. Noah Abrahams, PT, DPT, says, “We see a lot of clients suffering with neck pain and stiffness. In fact, it is the third most common problem we treat. So when clients come in suffering with neck pain, they usually ask these questions: ‘What is this and why do I have it?’ and ‘How can I get rid of it?’”

Their 30-second self-test is the first assessment that Applied Physical Medicine specialists do when they see someone with neck pain and stiffness. To do the self-test, bend the neck to the right; tilt the head back; tilt the head forward; bend the neck to the left; turn the neck to the right; and turn the neck to the left.

Do these six moves carefully, and go as far as possible. A person with a normal neck should be able to do these moves without any problem. If there is pain or tightness, therapists at Applied Physical Medicine specialize in helping people move better.

If there is no pain, tightness or discomfort with any of the six movements, the neck is in fine shape mechanically. There may be another cause of neck pain (usually in the middle of the back between the shoulder blades). If it gets too bad, there is help with that.

If there is pain and tightness looking up, this is frequently caused by arthritis. Applied Physical Medicine + Tygiel Physical Therapy has a specific treatment program for this.

If there is more trouble turning the head to the right or to the left (as compared to the other side), there is a specific treatment program for that.

Natural Awakenings readers receive a free screening from a physical therapist that specializes in neck pain. Applied Physical Medicine is located at 6606 E. Carondelet Dr. For more information, call 520-296-8513 or visit See ad page 39.

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