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Hummingbird Hypnosis for Better Relationships

Norine Passero

Norine Passero, owner of Hummingbird Hypnosis is in her 15th year of assisting people with improving relationships and matters of the heart using hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Prior to that, she worked with staff development and employee relations as a human resource director for 14 years.

Passero comments, “We often just think of a romantic relationship or one with a specific person in either our personal or professional life, when in reality everything involves our relationship with it. And, the more positive and healthy your relationship with it is, the better your outcome will be.

“Ask yourself, what’s your relationship with your own self, goals, health, food, weight, exercise, money, work, school, learning, sports, leisure, spirituality or your past? Would you like to change or enhance anything? Release an old pattern or habit and create anew? Find out what’s in the way of achieving your heart’s desires?

“There are techniques that work best for truly creative types, while others are more suited for those that are more analytical and logical in their approach. Both conscious and subconscious factors are worked with for quick, long-lasting results.”

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