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Detoxify with Lymphobiology

Apr 30, 2015 09:25PM ● By Cera Lynn

With pollution affecting our inner and outer environments, it is vital to detoxify for the maintenance of health and the beauty of skin. The lymphatic system is the body’s method of detoxification. Lymph is drained from the spaces around the cells by lymph vessels, which make up the network that is the lymphatic system, carrying the lymph back to the bloodstream by emptying through ducts into the left subclavian vein.

This recycling of body fluids conserves water and helps to distribute nutrients and other essential chemicals to all parts of the body by putting them into the bloodstream. The lymphocytes filter the microorganisms and other particles, reducing the risk of infection and build-up of other noxious elements.

Dr. Emile Vodder developed the original method of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) around 1936. MLD has gained notoriety across the world and support from surgeons as preparation for procedures and a post-operative treatment. MLD can be challenging to learn, requiring extensive training and great concentration. The LymphMed device, developed for face and body treatments, provides the practitioner with the gentle touch, displacing the skin with a controlled rhythm and pressure, which makes the procedure easier, less time consuming and more affordable.

Lymphobiology can improve puffiness (edema) of the face and body, faded/aged complexion, acne-prone skin, post-surgical scars, bruising, cellulite, swelling after surgical procedures, and can be a valuable part of a skin care or general wellness maintenance program.

Cera Lynn, L.Ac., LMT, offers lymphobiology at Skin Appeal, located at 1700 E. Fort Lowell, Ste. 108, in Tucson. Connect with her at 520-398-9886, [email protected] or See ad, page 10.

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