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Healing with Crystals and Stones

Jan 01, 2016 01:32PM ● By Kadee Kotter

Crystals and gemstones have long been used for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The simple energy of their presence brings about a positive shift in the minds, bodies and spirits of those they encounter—even skeptics of the phenomena. More often than not, the metaphysical effects of stones are indirect, long-lasting and potent. Every day in the crystal-filled shop at Arizona Lapidary & Gem Rough, in Tucson, visitors comment on the positive uplift or intense spark of joy they feel when simply walking through the doors of the showroom.

Many believe that crystals and stones are effective due to what science calls the piezoelectric effect: electrical charges accumulating in solids, notably in crystals and biological matter. These charges create a vibration pattern within the crystals and stones, and change in response to external variables. These frequencies interact with the electricity that is coursing through our bodies, creating connections that may help harmonize, balance and stimulate our energy centers, otherwise known as “chakras”.

It is a good idea to cleanse the energies gathered by crystals and stones both before use or wearing, as well as regularly, to help avoid losing or breaking them. Cleansing and purification can be done simply by placing the stone in a container filled with non-iodized sea salt. A glass or ceramic container should be used—never plastic or metal, as those materials can carry a frequency that introduces static and interference. Alternatively, crystals and stones may be cleansed by soaking in clean river or natural spring water, smudging with sage or being placed atop a piece of selenite.

Once crystals and stones are cleansed, it is time for charging. To bring them to their full potential, let them soak up the light of the full moon, some sunshine (not too much for those that fade, like amethyst) or place them on a cleansed quartz cluster. To bring grounding stones to their full potential, bury them in the earth for at least an hour.

This type of healing does not provide an immediate cure for most, and is not proposed to replace the care of a qualified medical professional. Crystals and stones are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease, but to complement the healing process.

Stones can be used by placing them under a pillow or on an altar; carrying them in a medicine bag, pocket, purse or wallet; placing them around the home or office; or wearing them in jewelry. Crystals and stones can be acquired at Arizona Lapidary & Gem Rough, which also provides custom jewelry design and education about the use of these precious tools.

Kadee Kotter is the store manager of Arizona Lapidary & Gem Rough, located at 4699 E. Pima St., Ste. 101. A new location is coming soon at 7320 E. Broadway Blvd, in Tucson. Connect at 520-399-6641, [email protected] and See ad, page 17.

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