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Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Us Anymore: with Sylvaine Francine

Feb 01, 2016 03:09PM ● By Michelle Bense

Sylvaine Francine

As a spiritual counselor, energy worker and doctor of chiropractic, Sylvaine Francine empowers her clients by freeing them from the emotional impact of traumas (past or present) and helping them to find their joy, power and center. She specializes in stress release and is certified in many techniques, including neurosynthesis, Thought Field Therapy and Reconnective Healing.

Francine takes into consideration her clients’ needs and specific circumstances by getting to know each individual’s situation before choosing a protocol. She uses many combinations of modalities because, she says, “We are unique and complex beings and we may respond better with one energy modality over another.”

“Life always throws us a new curve. A new situation may lead us to experience sudden shyness, or plain rage,” explains Francine. “In between lies an entire range of emotions. Only one emotion is a constant: joy.” According to Francine, our joy is always there but often buried under layers of emotional baggage, stuck emotions and outdated reactions. “When our joy is buried deep, we can’t access it and we feel as if we have become somebody else. But joy is still present. It did not go anywhere; it has been buried and we just do not feel it anymore.”

Working with Francine, there is nothing drastic or scary about releasing unwanted or stuck emotions. Once the release is over, her clients feel different, with a new sense of freedom, lightness and peace. “As layers of unnecessary and stuck emotions are removed, the body’s vibrational frequencies are raised and finally, joy surfaces,” says Francine.

“I love what I do because to assist people in reaching their joy is a great service. It is very rewarding work to help people manifest new paradigms for themselves,” enthuses Francine. “They move on into a new life where they are free from emotional replays and fluctuations. They are in charge of their life again.”

Francine is a Bach Flower Essences Practitioner, and also teaches meditation, which she began practicing at the age of 12. “I help my clients in a very unique way as I can reach different worlds: past, present, future, dream world, world of the Living and world of the Dead. I connect with these worlds and it helps me facilitate healing and also bring invaluable insights to others,” explains Francine. “My clients love it. I help them manifest a better life.”

Aside from consultations, which she offers in person, by phone or Skype, Francine also facilitates a series of meditation classes, levels I and II, a weekly meditation gathering (by donation) and a Master Mind class, beginning February 13, where she teaches participants how to harness and protect their energy. She offers a package for first-time clients, which includes one 90-minute session, plus three follow-ups of 50 minutes each, as well as flower essences to foster easefulness. Other options are also available.

Sylvaine Francine practices in Tucson and Washington State. For more information, call 206-501-7575 or visit

Michelle Bense is a freelance writer and editor for Natural Awakenings. Connect at [email protected].

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