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Sacred Passage: Conscious Dying as a Transformative Healing Journey

Holly Baker

While the year typically begins on a positive note full of promise for a long and healthy, happy life, in our February issue, we’re going to turn to a very different theme for a moment.

An often avoided topic is that of death and dying, but we must all go through this process at some point. Our feature article this month, “Sacred Passage” (page 26), brings the topic to the light and describes the importance of removing the taboo from discussing death.

In Tucson, we have our very own “Death Doula”, End of Life Mentor Danielle Dvorak. Meet her and learn about her work on page 29. Another local resource on the subject is Tucson’s Friendly and Fearless Death Café, which just began its fifth year. The group allows people from all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and discuss death, dying, grief and loss. It can change the negative ideas that attendees have had toward our end of life.

Part of the idea of conscious dying is that we would have lived a full and happy life. This is closely intertwined with our relationships with others. As it is February, how about some sweet, simple relationship advice from Emily Esfahani Smith (page 39)? Be kind to your partner. It’s an unassuming idea that can keep relationships alive for years to come.

Similarly, Alison Armstrong teaches us women how best to relate to men, and vice versa, on page 40. Knowing some basic ideas that make us different from one another can help us communicate leaps and bounds better, and be happier all around. Our differences need not be regarded negatively—they should instead be understood and celebrated to bring us closer than before.

To a long, happy, fulfilled life,


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