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Health through Singing

As a singing teacher at Sarah’s School for Speech in Song (SSSS), Sarah Linda Evans “uncovers” the voice that resides in everyone. The basic philosophy of SSSS is that everyone has a voice and it is perfect. The objective is to utilize exercises that uncover or unveil this voice. Its perfection expresses itself as the physical body conforms to it. The exercises have within them an inherent therapeutic force that heals as it moves in an inner stream through the body.

“It has been consistent that after each lesson students feel a sense of well-being, a feeling of memory that there is an easy and good way—The Way,” says Evans. “There are two distinct sounds that are taught: the speech and musical, the mechanical and the ethereal. After extensive training separately in both areas, this school brings the two together in an organic, natural way to give birth to Voice, the creative Power of us all.”

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