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Food Healing to Conquer ANY Disease

Jul 31, 2017 11:16PM ● By Jeff Primack

Jeff Primack has taught Qigong for 20 years to over 50k people at Qi Revolution conferences. He is author of “Conquering Any Disease”, a science-supported medical textbook endorsed by doctors that give food functions and protocols to help people reverse epidemic diseases of today.

What if Clogged Arteries and Parkinson’s were caused by the same oxidative force?

FREE RADICALS in food are the real villain and lack an electron, thus robbing electrons from healthy cells causing cholesterol to crystalize and brain to form plaque. Oxidation is the death mechanism. What turns an apple brown is the same force hardening brain in dementia and Parkinson’s. Luckily, God has a plan for our healing with food as medicine.

ELIMINATING FRIED FOOD is more important than being organic.

Top scientists of “International HNE Club” published their latest findings that cholesterol hardens when oxidized by free radicals. French fries in America were found to possess extreme levels of free radicals, HydroxyNonEnal (HNE). In addition to causing cholesterol hardening, HNE radicals high in all fried foods, cause DNA oxidation, which leads to replication of cancer cells instead of healthy cells. 2017 science on fats makes it clear the importance of cutting out fried foods, akin to smoking cigarettes.

Butter, coconut and olive oil produce less free radicals when heated.

These oils are made of saturated & monounsaturated fats that don’t oxidize easily. Canola and soybean oils have more polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are unstable oxidizing faster.
In the “Conquering Any Disease” book I provide evidence for returning to a high saturated fat diet and avoiding processed oils.

Aside from cooking oils, we get free radical exposure being near car exhaust and factories.

Only a high-phytochemical diet can give you effective protection from radical oxidation in your body.

Humans can run marathons looking for a cancer cure, yet by avoiding fried oils and eating superfoods humans reverse cancer.

Our food protocol for cancer has been used by hundreds of Qigong students with success since 2005. There’s an emphasis on foods to detoxify, but the real effects come from rebuilding blood and reversing oxidation with electron-dense pigments.

Pigments are colorful due to having DOUBLE BONDS, which contain four electrons that can be used to “quench radicals”.

Neutralization of free radicals by electrons in food pigments is the best way to avoid disease. America is on a low pigment diet!

Black sesame seeds contain Melanin, a pigment stored by the Substantia Nigra in the brain where dopamine is made. Colorful pigments in hair signal fertility and many foods are proven by science to regrow hair, such as red onions and red apples.

Carotenoids have the BRIGHTEST COLOR of all pigments and no other molecule is more healing.

Eye health, vision and fertility are restored by eating them and they protect against sunburns. 

Egg yolks have 1mg of lutein per yolk to give it that vivid yellow.

Spinach has 10x more lutein than egg yolks by weight, however recent science shows the egg was far more bioavailable. This is because carotenoids are fat soluble and made more bioavailable in the presence of oil. Cooked carrots are shown to have greater blood plasma absorption of betacarotene than raw in humans. I suggest both raw and cooked to obtain maximum benefits.

RED carotenoids neutralize free radicals 2x faster than Orange and 4x faster than Yellow!

There is a hierarchy and RED is best. Lutein (yellow pigment) has 10 double bonds in its chromophore. Betacarotene (orange) has 11 double bonds and Lycopene (pink) has 13 double bonds. Does it surprise that pink with 13 double bonds is a more effective electron donor than orange with 11? RED FOODS are the most profound evolution to the human diet. When Italy began making tomato paste it spawned great thinkers and strong men. Only peppers (cousin of tomato) evolved the deep red carotenoid called, CAPSANTHIN. I think pepper’s carotenoids being the reddest are the most healing. 

Since learning the importance of RED carotenoids I’ve made Pepper Paste hundreds of times! I have a pepper problem…

We give fresh “Primack Pepper Paste” samples to every person who attends Qi Revolution. Unfortunately, people can’t buy it yet, but we show everyone how to make it. Tomato paste, sauce and ketchup are next best sources. Claudia Gabrielle MD, Ivy league educated doctor, says she learned more on Food-Healing at the Qi Revolution than in medical school! We invite you, the seekers of truth, to be educated and learn Food as Medicine.

The Qi Revolution comes to the Tucson Convention Center August 18 through 20.

Cost: $149 for three days. Free for veterans. For more information and to register, phone 800-298-8970 or visit See ad, page 8.

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