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Stop Solar Geoengineering in Tucson: One Man’s Quest to Clear Our Skies

Mar 29, 2018 08:38PM ● By Amanda Butterworth

On an average day in Tucson, while waiting to interview filmmaker and activist Matt Landman, I notice jet planes crisscrossing the sky, leaving behind a stream of white plumes, slowly fanning out and becoming a milky haze. I find myself observing the phenomenon and much to my dismay, see a once pristine blue sky slowly become hazy grey. The explanation we often hear is that the trails emitted from planes are nothing more than water vapor, which rapidly dissipates. But this “water vapor” above my head is not dissipating. In fact, it is spreading and lingering.

Over the last few years, there has been an extreme surge in the media dismissing any observations made by citizens regarding the change in our skies. Labelled as “conspiracy nuts” or “people who don’t understand simple science”, the stigma of even lightly broaching the subject of a possibility of chemtrails keeps people silent nowadays.

Landman, however, is not afraid to speak to anyone on the matter. Landman recently created the movie Frankenskies and has since moved to Arizona as part of his mission to awaken and educate others about solar geoengineering, also known as chemtrails.

“Wow, we are getting sprayed like bugs today, huh!” Landman says behind me. I turn around and there stands Landman in a black t-shirt which says, “Stop Geoengineering Tucson Summit 2018”.  The picture below it is an ominous gas mask. “We might need that gas mask on your shirt today,” I reply, and we begin discussing his life’s work.

“I grew up in Virginia,” Landman explains, “and I spent most of my time outdoors. But I never saw skies like we are seeing nowadays. I first woke up to all of this working on an organic farm. I was disenchanted with the business world. I had a film degree and graduated top of my class with an MBA, but something else was calling me. So, I ended up working on this farm in Northern California growing squash and potatoes. One day, completely dressed in rain gear and expecting the annual deluge, I witnessed very unusual jet traffic on the edge of a storm front. These planes came in and crisscrossed the sky all day on the edge of that front. And guess what? It didn’t rain. The forecast called for 100 percent chance of precipitation. I mean, the salamanders and frogs were coming out, expecting it. But that storm front passed right over us and didn’t rain a single drop. This was when I had my first a-ha moment connecting the planes’ flight activity to the weather and cloud formations.”

It wasn’t until later, after a lot of research, when it became obvious to Landman how much we were completely ignorant of what is happening in our skies. “That is when I decided to dedicate my life to what I consider a treasonous agenda unfolding every day above our heads. And making Frankenskies was my first step to help awaken others and start to put a stop to this nonsense,” he says. He also works at a grassroots level, handing out fliers, talking to people on the streets, at famers’ markets, and mailing fliers to others around the world who want to do the same.

Asked why people would want to do something so insidious, Landman lets out a big sigh. “There are so many theories as to why,” he says. “All I can say is it has something to do with blocking out our sun. Did you know that there is a solar geoengineering experiment being launched this year in Tucson by Harvard scientist David Keith, in an attempt to dim the sun with aerosolized nano-particulates? They claim it is a solution to global warming.”

He scoffs and shakes his head, “It is a crime against Tucsonians that their consent has never been considered regarding this experiment. But this experiment, if all goes ‘well’, will be launched as a global solution. The whole world could very well see our skies blanketed with heavy metal nano-particulates every day, forever. People would have to pay to see the sun. The funny thing is, we have already seen it start to happen. People are seeing these crazy cloud formations, strange brown rainbows, square clouds. Some people are taking samples of rain water or their hair and finding high amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium. We, together as a whole, have to wake up and do something about it. I see Tucson and the upcoming solar geoengineering experiment as the frontline to this global issue.”

Landman goes on to detail what the experiment will involve. “They call it a ‘perturbation’. Out at World View, they are going to launch a balloon and spray aluminum, crushed diamonds and sulfuric acid separately to see which does ‘best’,” explains Landman. “The residents of Tucson will not consent to this. Not on our watch, not on our turf.”

On May 12 at the Gallagher Theater, UOA, Landman will be hosting the Stop Geoengineering Summit in Tucson specifically to rally and protest this experiment, standing up for the air we breathe and showing the world what they too can do to address this agenda. Knowledgeable authors and speakers are coming from different parts of the country to inform and inspire at the free event. “I hope we can pack the place and show the world Tucson was the wrong location to launch this crime against humanity.”

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Amanda Butterworth is an investigative journalist ​and ​environmentalist for​.

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