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Skin Ages Well When We Age Well

Jun 04, 2018 02:22PM ● By Ro

Achieving skin that ages well and continues to be beautiful throughout our lives doesn’t come from just one miracle product or one method. Everything that works about our health, fitness and vitality is a result of everything we do. Everything affects everything—so focus on an integration of nourishing practices: good food, movement, rest, natural medicine, hydration, meditation, time outdoors, emotional well-being/expression, art/creativity and more.

It’s not that products don’t matter or that “bio-hacks” can’t enhance. Product quality matters greatly. But even the best products won’t, by themselves, compensate for poor self-care—no matter what they promise.

Skin reflects health. Food, sleep and exercise all have a tremendous impact on skin. Moving our body regularly does wonders for skin, especially at certain intensities. For example, doing small amounts of high-intensity interval or “burst” training a couple of times a week will rev circulation and hormone health—but get cleared by a health pro and see a qualified trainer. Over-exercising can dull the skin; the right balance is key.

Certain foods and nutrients certainly help. It’s mostly the same stuff that’s good for everything: lots of veggies, some fruit, moderate healthy fats, quality plant proteins, mineral-rich beans and legumes. Other foods and practices are destructive. “Dieting” or in any way restricting or “starving” ourselves is a surefire way to sap skin radiance. And, almost nothing gives us the glow that a good night’s sleep does. Even meditation can boost skin health.

When all of these elements are tended to, the synergy and interplay between them is powerful. It works, and can be far more fun, effective and real than covering up with lots of makeup and doing surgery—not that there’s anything wrong with those things if you enjoy them. Some cosmetics can further enhance an already healthy body/face/self, but relying on those things in lieu of the glow that comes from inside is missing out on way bigger potential.

The bonus is: pretty much everything that’s good for our skin is good for everything else, too. Everything that will slow the skin’s aging will slow aging—period. If we age well, our skin will reflect it. It’s not divorced. Nothing is.

So, don’t treat each health concern and wellness interest as its own discrete, isolated thing. Treat the body well as a whole, and all of it will bloom.

Robyn Landis is an ACE-certified fitness professional, personal trainer, health coach, Ayurvedic educator and bestselling author. She offers individual and group coaching, including “NOURISH U: 9 Weeks to More Energy, Less Fat and a Super-Fueled Life”. Connect at and Nourish.University.

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