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Natural Awakenings Tucson

July 2018 Letter From Publisher

This month, we salute our too often unsung heroes. That’s right, we’re talking about organic farmers! These heroes wear overalls, not capes, and they’re ridding the world of unhealthy crops, one field at a time.

Check out “Organic Farmers: Restoring America’s Health” on page 28, where Melinda Hemmelgarn introduces us to just some of the exceptional farmers who are making a difference in the nutritional value of our food. And on page 21, Karen Van Wie shows us some reasons and ideas for getting the kids excited about gardening. Adventures in the dirt can teach lessons of all kinds, for children with and without sensory differences.

All that bending and leaning we’re doing in the garden brings to mind that back pain is rampant in our society. We all know many people who experience back pain, whether acute or chronic, and it’s time we did something to help prevent and quell the pain we have. On page 18, Dr. Jasmine May gives us some tips for alleviating back pain in a variety of natural ways. Share this information with those you know struggling with pain, and you could make all the difference.

In that same vein, have you heard of “Text Neck”? On page 15, learn how there’s actually a term now for the damage we’re doing to our bodies when we spend too much time looking down at our phones. This position puts extra strain on our necks, directly affecting our backs and causing lasting health issues.

So, here is your reminder to look up from that phone or device, raise your head high and thank a farmer today.