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A View on Multidimensional Healing: From an Akashic Perspective

Jul 31, 2018 07:15PM ● By Linda Joy Stone

Linda Joy Stone

We live in a wondrously complex, multidimensional universe of divine intelligence. This “multiverse” can be referred to as the Akashic or Unified Field of consciousness, which is teeming with timeless information, mysteries and synchronicities beyond human comprehension.

We mere mortals are limited by our five-sense, three-dimensional orientation that gives primary credence to scientific materialism, left-brain “logic” and healing through material medicine. Hopefully, as our understanding of energy evolves, we can suspend our attachment to the concrete world and equally embrace the quantum, holographic, right-brain realm, where everything is connected beyond what we can observe. The quantum notion is that we create our reality through our observations of it; we believe what we perceive and perceive what we believe.

    Much emphasis is placed on healing through the physical realm, where material medicine primarily focuses on fixing some ailing part. This can be viewed as fragmented medicine. In contrast, an Akashic or Chinese Medical perspective on healing sees everything in its wholeness. Pain and suffering are understood as an imbalance at some level of the multidimensional spectrum and can filter down to manifest on the physical plane, not only in our bodies but in the environment we inhabit. The source of the pathology may be emotional, mental, spiritual, sociopolitical or may even be a carry-over from a present or past-life trauma.

    The Akashic perspective is that we are already whole and healed on a soul level and that our earthly and spiritual task is to transform through awareness our attachment to pain and suffering, lack and loss. Our belief in separateness, fear of other and distorted self-perceptions, is what divides us and causes undue distress. If we can see or imagine ourselves as multidimensional beings connected through heart consciousness to the source of everything, then we can joyfully celebrate, as matter matters less.

So, how do we make the shift in consciousness to a multifaceted perspective of life that supports a yin/yang balance between left/right brain, material/spiritual, masculine/feminine, etc.? Einstein proposed that the universe is friendly, therefore, we can start with that premise. When we can suspend our belief systems and think more expansively, our hearts and minds open naturally to the vast spaciousness of the great unknown, and we learn to trust the inner and outer cycles of change. This acceptance invites synchronicities and clears our channels of communication with everything. If we are friendly to ourselves and others, we will become enraptured by the friendly, multidimensional universe and discover that wholeness is our natural state.

Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac. is a practitioner of Chinese medicine and offers Akashic Acupuncture for those standing at the threshold of change. Connect at