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Natural Awakenings Tucson

October 2018 Letter From Publisher

Holly Baker

There are so many big ideas and amazing game changers we’re talking about this month! Where to begin…

Do you know about Blue Zones? These are cities across the world that focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle for residents. In the past decade, this idea has spread to more and more communities in the U.S. Read more about this healthy perspective on page 27.

In similar good news, the options for plant-based eating are growing across the country. In “‘Less Meat’ Goes Mainstream”, on page 28, we learn how millennials’ concern for the environment has helped create the change that 70 percent of the world is now reducing meat consumption or going meatless altogether. It’s about time!

Speaking of plants, our Plant Medicine section is growing beautifully this month. Check out this neat resource for all things medical cannabis, herbs that can change your life, recipes and help for chronic pain relief. It starts on page 30, and we know you’re going to learn a lot.

I also love our Eco Tip on going strawless this month. There’s been much talk of limiting the use of plastic straws in the U.S. and abroad, and great strides have been made recently in creating a change for the future. Whole cities, like New York City and Boulder, Colorado, are now calling for the ban of single-use plastic straws. While there is still a way to go as far as reducing single-use waste in the world, this idea seems to be sticking.

Do your part to keep the planet cleaner by asking local businesses to go strawless, or to find other alternatives for cutting down on trash. Bring your own cup or container next time you get takeout—that’s one less bit of trash that could end up in our beautiful oceans.

To being game changers,