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Crystal Spotlight: Faden Quartz

Quartz crystals are metaphysical aids that help amplify the positive while transmuting negativity. They can assist in meditations, healings and connections with both the higher self and the universe. A quartz crystal brings balance, helps to center the self and increases the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies.

Crystals have been used for healing, divination and by those seeking a spiritual awakening since time immemorial. Crystals and stones are found in legend, myth and religious writings. From the stereotypical image of the fortune teller, with a crystal ball to visualize what is mentioned in ancient writings and religious text, it is clear that many cultures have used quartz crystals as a gift from the earth. The mention of the power of stones is found in the Old Testament of the Bible and the Black Stone of Mecca, which forms part of the Islamic pilgrimage, providing a well rooted basis of the usage of crystals and stones in all cultures.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans wore stones and crystals as amulets. The word crystal comes from the Ancient Greek word “krystallos”, meaning ice. Native American Shamans recognized the healing and scrying power of quartz crystals. Their usage is also found in the culture of the Mayans and Aztecs.

Faden Quartz is a crystal known for healing itself. The best healers are those who have healed themselves, therefore Faden Quartz stands at the front of the line for healing crystals.

Faden Quartz is great for repairing the aura, mending relationships, improving communications (especially through telepathy) and is a fantastic meditation tool, which will help seek out the truth of any situation.

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