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Discover Your Authentic Musical Voice with Self-Discovery Music

Suzanne Grosvenor

Suzanne Grosvenor’s life has always centered on music in its many diverse expressions. Passionate about teaching, Grosvenor coaches teens and adults in “understanding music from the inside out” to find their authentic musical voice. She follows the students’ process across a myriad of styles that may include composition, improvisation, music theory and ear training.

“Music has been a powerful force for self-realization and discovery throughout my life and I love sharing the magic of music with students,” Grosvenor says. Her aim in teaching is to connect the soul of the student with the mechanics of sound “so that music becomes a liberating force in the person’s life. Music holds power to open a person to new, transcendent dimensions of experience.”

Grosvenor received awards for her outstanding classical piano performances and later became a core band leader with the Tucson Jazz Society. She composed soundtracks for award-winning films, television and live theatre and wrote a top-40 radio hit. She is well known for her spontaneous, meditative piano improvisations created as “sound portrait” readings for therapeutic healing. Her solo piano album received accolades from around the world, and she toured the country with various music groups, playing everything from blues, jazz-fusion, rock, country, bluegrass and sacred music.

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