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Kryste Andrews Offers Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

After experiencing the profound healing of her first Past Life Regression with a hypnotherapist over 25 years ago, Kryste Andrews was inspired to become certified as a hypnotherapist. Many years later she discovered QHHT, the Dolores Cannon method, which focuses on past life regression and healing with the subconscious. Andrews is currently offering a special deal for clients of 50 percent off their second session.

According to Andrews, a Past Life Regression can dramatically improve one’s life. Many haven’t considered that they could be negatively influenced from a past life. They could shift away from those influences in a peaceful setting, in a matter of hours.

The session begins with a confidential interview, a review of one’s life starting from birth and including the important characters and issues that motivate one to seek help. Then, during the induction, one leaves behind judgment and fear and relaxes into the Theta state where past lives can surface. With her guidance, clients glide into this zone of bliss and travel in time and space to access the past life or lives that will best help.

“Once you have seen all the pertinent lives, I ask your SC, the all-knowing subconscious, to come forth and answer the questions you prepared. Your SC knows all that has ever happened to your sacred soul and all that will ever take place,” explains Andrews. “When all questions have been answered by the SC, you are gently brought out of Theta and back into the Beta state of consciousness.”

After the hypnosis experience, there is time for discussion with Andrews about what was learned. All sessions are tape recorded and emailed to the client for revisiting multiple times in the future. Andrews also notes that QHHT can answer questions about extraterrestrials originally populating the earth and the possibility of future lives, revealing much about our planet’s destiny.

For more information, call 201-759-6845, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 23.