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Copper Kills Common Cold Virus

Can copper prevent colds and other respiratory illnesses? Copper kills a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungusmicrobes, including superbugs, just by touch, according to many university and government studies. “Copper is great at killing superbugs,” says Dr. Bill Keevil, one of the early pioneers in the research. Dr. Keevil says copper kills respiratory viruses, like coronavirus 229E “which produces a range of respiratory symptoms from the common cold to more lethal outcomes such as pneumonia.” His research at the University of Southampton found that the coronavirus is rapidly destroyed on contact with copper. Many American researchers have found the same thing about other microbes, like MRSA and various flu viruses. Results like these finally explain why ancient peoples reportedly found many health uses for copper. Long before anyone knew about bacteria and viruses, Egyptians and Greeks are said to have used it to purify water and disinfect skin ulcers, and Aztecs used it against sore throats. From the Babylonian wars to the Civil War, reports say armies used copper on battlefield wounds because it allowed faster healing. It was credited with keeping copper workers from getting cholera in past epidemics. Since the recent discovery that copper quickly kills infectious disease germs, only a few hospitals have followed the advice of the EPA and switched over to copper for frequently touched surfaces. A clinical study shows this reduced the spread of illness by 58 percent. “Copper is the new gold standard for saving lives,” says writer Robert Szczerba, but he points out that many hospitals have not yet made the switch. The reasons include costs and tarnishing. The EPA tests show, however, that copper works just as well when tarnished. In 2012, when U.S. inventor Doug Cornell learned about the microbe-killing power of copper, he decided not to wait. He developed a personal device with a copper tip to use in the nose to combat cold and flu viruses and a copper handle to kill disease germs picked up on the fingers. “Over 99% of people who used it and reported results say it worked to stop a cold they felt about to start,” he says. Many people also say it has stopped flu, cold sores and sinus trouble, he reports.

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