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New Book: Kick Diabetes Essentials

For millions of people who have diabetes, Brenda Davis, R.D. has excellent news: it is truly possible to kick this affliction and live a normal life. In her latest book, Kick Diabetes Essentials: The Diet and Lifestyle Guide, she lays out a practical plan that explains why a plant-based diet is so effective at mitigating the effects of this disease, and—in many cases of Type 2 diabetes—can actually reverse its course. Together with simple lifestyle changes, here is a blueprint for hope and health.

As lead nutritionist with the Diabetes and Wellness Project in the Marshall Islands for over 10 years, Davis has kept abreast of the latest scientific studies on diabetes, which all assert that a dietary arsenal powerful enough to kick diabetes can only be found in plant foods. Well-designed plant-based diets are effective because they address the root causes of diabetes. Low-caloric, nutrient-dense foods are the keys to positive results. Protective dietary components concentrated in plant foods work together to ease inflammation and oxidative stress, stabilize blood glucose, enhance gut microflora and keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check.

Lifestyle-improvement strategies, such as learning how to manage stress, fitting exercise into daily routines, maintaining a healthy weight and getting adequate sleep, provide a powerful prescription for health when combined with the new diet plan. Included are over 40 satisfying recipes that friends and family will enjoy.

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